Monthly Archives: July 2009

Microsoft Project Conference

A quick reminder the Microsoft Project Conference will be held in Phoenix, Arizona during September 14-17, 2009. You can see more details here.

Tracking how you spend your time

In order to manage your time, the first step is to understand how you spend your time. RecueTime is an application that tracks the applications you use, presenting you with a dashboard of where you’re spending time, for example helping you spend less time on email and more time on ‘actual work’. RescueTime also offers tracking tools for small teams, though I think the greatest benefit is for the individual. You can check it out here.

Goal tracking

Goal tracking at the organizational level is done frequently, but at the personal level there are few tools to support it. Joe’s Goals is my favorite example here, offering a simple way to define goals and score your progress against them, the logbook feature also enables you to track your goals in greater detail. You can find Joe’s Goals here.

Keeping Found Things Found

The University of Washington has an interesting project to understand how people manage information and to develop protoypes to make them more effective. The site is here.

Myth of innovation

Great article by Scott Berkun on the myth of innovation.

Book available for pre-order

The book Strategic Project Portfolio Management is now available for pre-order here