Communication and Change Management

In the world of consumer marketing, people are shown a barrage adverts multiple times over an extended period of time via different media such as TV, radio, print to drive behavioral change whether it’s to try a new cereal or purchase dairy products more often. Compare that to the corporate world, where often a single memo, training class or even an email is can be deemed sufficient to drive change.

It seems organizations could learn from consumer marketing campaigns – often more time is spent on crafting the right message than considering opportunities to repeat it over time.

Where’s the marketing campaigne for the internal change you want to drive?

One response to “Communication and Change Management

  1. Completely agree that internal marketing is often sadly overlooked. There’s simply a lack of awareness, I believe, of how much effort it requires for an organization to adopt a new idea.

    Not so sure about consumer marketing though. I’d say that internal marketing is in fact it’s own discipline.

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