Batch vs. Job Processes – Becoming More Efficient

Projects, and project managers, can sometimes learn from the operations and process literature. One key distinction is between a batch and a job process. A job process is one-off, whereas a batch process groups a number of items together and processes them at once. For example, a lot of people read email as soon as it comes into their inbox (job processing) whereas waiting a few hours and reading a group of emails together (batch processing) can be more efficient. The same can be true of administrative functions such as budget approvals and timesheeting.

It’s worth thinking about the activities you do and understanding whether they make more sense done on ad hoc basis, or rather grouping similar items together and using batch processing. Of course, there’s no right answer, since it depends on the nature of the task (time sensitivity, whether economies of scale exist etc.) however, I would suggest that without taking a step back sometimes job processing is used when batch processing might be more efficient.

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