Eight Innovations For Project Managers

Many aspects of project management are tried and tested. For example, Gantt charting is the most obvious example. Below are more innovative concepts that are not so broadly used by all and might be useful to you. These aren’t changes you should introduce wholesale, but rather a list of ideas to experiment with on more of an ad hoc basis, depending on the needs of the project you’re involved with. Each idea links to the relevant blog post.

  1. Reference class forecasting – looking at similar past performance as the basis for estimates
  2. Pre-mortems – assessing what could cause problems before they happen
  3. Avoiding the Fred Brooks fallacy – adding more people to a project may actually slow down progress in the short term
  4. Aiming for more ideas rather than better ideas – great ideas come from culling and refining a large idea list, not from waiting for a single perfect shot of inspiration
  5. Setting ambitious goals – setting goals high leads to better performance
  6. Focus on the hard conversations – communication is key to any project, and the hard conversations are where the value is
  7. Consider outsourcing tasks – there is no reason that employees of your organization are the best people to execute all the tasks on a project plan
  8. Use burndown charting – a way to predict finish dates on certain projects with greater accuracy

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