Technology Helping You Stay Fit

January is the time of year when everyone makes a concerted, but often unsustained attempt to improve their fitness. I’ve been amazed at the number of fitness gadgets now available. Perhaps gadgets is a slightly unfair term, because some of them are pretty useful, but here’s a quick summary:

You can now get scales that send you weight to a secure website. It gets good reviews, though this endorsement makes it sound awful: “Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears recommends the Withings WiFi Body Scale, which
Tweets your weight when you step on it!”

Wakemate is a startup company that gives you a small armband to wear when you sleep. It analyzes your sleep patterns for later analysis and wakes you at (apparently) the least disruptive time.

source: Patrick Reames (Flickr)

Then there are many ‘personal trainer’ type games available on all the common console platforms. Such as Wii Fit or Your Shape on the XBox.

source: (Flickr)

Finally, Fitbit tracks your movements and sleeps and downloads all that data for you to the internet.

source: marcdavid (Flickr)

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