Which Are The Most Popular Risk Management Techniques?

This detailed survey of Israeli project managers, looks at the tools/techniques being used to manage risk from a list of 38 tools/techniques. It goes into a lot of statistical detail, but provides a interesting view on the tools and techniques used to manage risk by project managers:

Most Popular Risk Management Techniques:

  1. Simulation
  2. Responsibility assignment
  3. Risk impact assessment

Least popular Risk Management Techniques:

  1. Graphic presentation of risk information
  2. Procedure for closing risks
  3. Checklists

Most likely to be used by those with good project and/or risk management practices (note the definition of “good” was self-assessed) :

  1. Risk impact assessment
  2. Risk classification
  3. Ranking of risks

Given the recent publication of the Checklist Manifesto, it’s interesting that checklists aren’t broadly used. Generally, it seems the different between basic and more sophisticated managers is that good project managers don’t just count risks, they classify them and assess their relative impact.

See the full article here, it’s almost 10 years old, but the techniques described haven’t fundamentally changed.

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