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Book Available in Kindle Format

The publication Strategic Project Portfolio Management is also available on Amazon’s electronic book device, the Amazon Kindle:

This Blog Now Available on the Amazon Kindle

This blog is now available on the Amazon Kindle. You can subscribe here and for a monthly fee, Amazon will wirelessly supply updates to your Kindle.

And for the majority of you who don’t own an Amazon Kindle, it’s a digital reader, which retreives books, newspapers and blogs wirelessly. So you have all your literature stored on the device. The screen is optimized for reading, and works well both in low and bright light with very good battery life. It also does clever things that paperbacks can’t do, like remembering the last page you read and providing a dictionary definition of any word you ‘mouse’ over. There’s also a Kindle app available on the iPhone. I don’t think the Kindle concept will work for everyone, but after many weeks of going back and forth on whether or not to get one, I’m glad I did, and I’ve found I do read a lot more now I have it.

Update: nice article from Slate on Kindle and the publishing industry here