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Book Review – Switch: How To Change Things When Change is Hard

Switch is a book on change management. The publication has similarities to John Kotter’s Leading Change. The authors make the distinction between emotional and analytical motivations for change and argue persuasively that successful change requires both. This is insightful because most people tend to use either analytical or emotional arguments depending on their personality, but this is incomplete and if the two techniques are not combined change will fail. The authors use anecdotes to support their case, for example they detail how it wasn’t enough at a glove manufacturer to tell executives that they made too may different kinds of gloves, the change agents assembled all the gloves on a conference table during a meeting to make their point.

Projects, by definition are changing something, and as with all change, some people will prefer the status quo. The best project managers understand how to drive the change and will benefit from this book, which summarizes a lot of thinking on the topic in an easy to follow way. John Kotter should still be considered the leading author on the topic, but Chip and Dan Heath contribute some new thinking, particularly from a psychological perspective.

Book Available in Kindle Format

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Book Launch in UK

The book, Strategic Project Portfolio Management has launched in the UK and can be ordered here.

The Environment and Your Portfolio

It’s hard to find a good book, let alone one that is free. Without Hot Air, written by a Cambridge University professor, is both. You can download the PDF here.

I would recommend it to just about anyone, because it explains the environment in quite a simple, but immensely analytical way. For example, what is more impactful, cutting down on air travel, or switching to wind energy? This book runs the numbers to explain the impact of different decisions. If you’re running a portfolio or a project, this is a good first step to understanding the environmental impact for both you and your stakeholders. It’s a long book, but you can easily skim to get the key points, and since you can download the PDF for free, you don’t feel compelled to read every single page.

Note the free delivery of the book is very much the author’s intention, he’s keen to contribute to the environmental debate, rather than make money, and I think you’ll find his perspective is well reasoned and objective.

Without Hot Air

The New York Times has a great blog devoted to environmental topics, which you can find here

Book available for pre-order

The book Strategic Project Portfolio Management is now available for pre-order here