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Hollrr and Innovative Products

A new website Hollrr makes it much easier to track consumer products that are getting traction. Hollrr works by people identifying products they love and others then adding their own views, it serves as a social forum to evaluating often new and innovative products. Since project management is often focused on driving innovation, Hollrr can provide ideas of tools to use and concepts to consider:

2010 Trends: #3 – Social Media

Not new, but more mainstream. Real-time search becomes a reality as more and more content on the web is generated every minute and organizing it becomes more useful. Your social graph becomes as relevant as mainstream media as a source of information you care about. Companies become less reliant on advertising and their message and more reliant on their customers views and comments. The need for managing different personas becomes more relevant as people try to separate their work from their personal life, or simply become more comfortable with blurring the two.

For project managers, this offers new ways to recruit talent, to communicate with stakeholders and even determine and refine the project portfolio in the first place.