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VIDEO – 8 Factors That Lead To Success

3 minute video based on interviewing 500 successful people on what made them successful.

Now, to be truly scientific, Richard St John would have needed to pick a control group of less successful people to make sure they don’t have the same attributes.

Nonetheless, this is worth 3 minutes of your time. And if you don’t have 3 minutes the list is: service, passion, work ethic, passion, focus. persistence, drive and perfectionism. But the video adds more color and comedy.

Johnson on How Innovation Happens

Interesting video from Steven Johnson on innovation (one of the TED talks)

Specifically, within the video it’s worth looking at the example of the baby incubator and the Sputnik to GPS innovations within the video (the links should take you to the right places within the video). Or if you want to watch the full video it’s below:

The Value of Iterative Prototyping

Nice video on the value of iterative prototyping and the limitations of an MBA.

The Science of Motivation and ROWE

Very interesting on the science of motivation from the TED series. It goes against conventional wisdom as is well presented. The comments at the end regarding Results Oriented Work Environments (ROWE) are a unique way to think about the workplace.