The blog focuses on the management of projects and portfolios using technology as a way to drive business value, it is authored by Simon Moore.

The topic addressed on this blog are continued in the book Strategic Project Portfolio Management (November, 2009) available via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Praise for Strategic Project Portfolio Management

“Many companies could probably save fortunes by reading this book instead of hiring consultants from many top tier firms” Management Books

“Project management has been around for years as a bottom-up process but Simon now brings the process to the executive suite.” Chris Vandersluis, President, HMS Software

“A complete overview of the world of project portfolio management.” Rudi van den Verg, Partner Manager, Pcubed

“”Sharp and precisely written.” Magnus Holmid, Senior Advisor Enterprise Project Management, Camako, Sweden

Simon Moore shows us how project portfolio management forms a holistic process that informs executive decisions and motivates project teams.” Eric Verzuh, author, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management

See a detailed book review from project management blogger Elizabeth Harrin here

2 responses to “About

  1. Margaret Bartley

    I see you have a picture of the Seattle skyline as your masthead. I would think you would want to take a look at the failed King County computer system, originally supposed to cost $10 million, and be ready for Y2K.
    Here’s an article written in 2008:

    Here’s what’s on the country’s website now:

    I don’t see a date on this, but it’s asking for another $77 million!

    I think this would be a very interesting subject to look at, since it’s your tax money.

  2. Simon, thanks for your comment on the Project Management Blog (www.project-management-blog.com). Please contact me at wotstott@pr-ink.com if you would be interested in contributing an article to our site.

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